Saturday, 15 August 2009

Health and the NHS

Tory MEP Daniel Hannan, who represents our area, gave a shoddy performance on American TV this week talking down our NHS. He was supported by another Tory MEP the next day, after Cameron had given out the message that they were 'four square' behind the NHS. Is that with a butchers cleaver in your hand Dave? As ever, the public mask that Cameron has tried to put on the Tory party has slipped, and the nasty, small minded views and behavoir have shone through once again. There is always debate to be had about public services, it's just that you somehow know that the Tories will be saying one thing and planning another.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

I went to a great event this lunchtime, which seemed a perfect time to start my blog. I was invited by our local candidate in Stanwell, Andrew McLuskey, to a fun day that has been going for a few years, and is run entirely by local residents. I met so many people with interesting stories today. The community warden up there really is the eyes and ears of the community. One man has made such a difference to the quality of life there. The chair and vice chair of the residents group are really enthusiastic about the area, but have such a fight getting positive action from the housing association, and it's clear that residents don't feel included or listened to. Housing associations need to remember they are providing a service to people, and it should take it's lead from residents, not dictate what will happen. I also got my hands on some fruit and veg from the allotment association from Ashford, and can already vouch for the tomatoes! The chair of Sunbury Accord gave me food for thought rather than for my tea, and told me about some of the issues faced by those with mental health problems locally. I will take up his kind offer of a visit and another chat about how I can help. All in all a cracking day and plenty for me to get on with!