Wednesday, 21 October 2009


I was really pleased to see the various Generals come out against the BNP's exploitation of our armed forces and military symbolism yesterday, along with former servicemen like Andy McNab and Simon Weston. The BNP have previously rejected calls by Vera Lynn to stop selling a CD with 'We'll meet again' on it to bolster their party funds. This time, leader Nick Griffin drew parallels between the Generals sending troops to Afganistan and the Nuremburg trials in 1946. What is most striking about Griffin is that each time he opens his mouth, something even more absurd than his last utterance comes out. Despite his best, feeble, attempts, his party are still the poisonous, despicable gaggle of racists they have always been. I will be amazed if his appearance tomorrow night on Question Time will do anything other than show him up for the hateful bigot he really is.

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