Sunday, 6 September 2009

By-Election in Laleham and Shepperton Green

Well, our campaign is up and running, with an excellent candidate in Richard Dunn. We have been across the whole patch already, and as it's made up of several different villages and areas, we are determined to listen to locals and tackle issues that matter in each place. The Tories across Spelthorne are complacent, and people deserve better.


Anonymous said...

Its a shame that your entire election leaflet and communication seems to be all about bashing the Tories and have no substance as to what the Lib Dems are actually going to do for the local community. As for your local candidate I havnt seen him at all. I certainly have not seen hom involved in local issues such as Parking and Gravel.

Mark Chapman said...

We will certainly be dealing with a lot of issues during the campaign, including the gravel extraction, and all the blights it brings to local communities. Go to for lots of substance about what we are already doing - not just promises, but real action.