Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Trust Vince

Vince Cable has been rated as the most trustworthy politician in a poll conducted for the Times. The paper thinks this was inevitable, given his straight talking on the economy. Vince has been warning of the dangers that became a catastrophe for many years, and it is a testament to his judgement and skill that this has been recognised by voters across the political spectrum. The public have come to realise that it is the Lib Dems who have the credibility on the economy these days. The Government were, and still are, slow and lumbering when reacting to events rather than providing proactive solutions. As for the Tories, George Osborne is so lacking in ability to handle the economy, he never even appears in live debate on the TV, only in prepared soundbite interviews. Check it out for yourself. If Newsnight have a live segment, the Tories put up anyone else but Osborne, and he certainly won't go head to head with Vince. Woe betide us if Osborne is the next Chancellor.......

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