Saturday, 19 December 2009

Out and About

I spent much of today checking out various issues and discussing them with campaigners. Diane and Tony over in Staines have been consulting residents on the new CPZ proposals (controlled parking zones), and I came to see the problems for myself. I then went to Ashford to the hospital and the college, the youth centre and a school in Sunbury with Ian, and met Richard, Lawrence and Caroline in Charlton village to talk about the proposals that Surrey have put forward for the waste and recycling centre. It was a really good day keeping up to date across the constituency with a range of key issues. It is really heartening to see Lib Dems across Spelthorne working so hard to listen to local people and represent their concerns. We really do work hard and get things done. Next up I think will be Stanwell and Moor, Shepperton and Green, plus Littleton and Laleham. I know there is plenty to tackle there too!

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