Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The Slow Death of ID Cards

This weekend the Chancellor suggested that ID cards are not needed. Today the Home Office insists voluntary cards will continue. A trial in Manchester has seen just 1000 people sign up. Where does this leave us? Well it leaves this pointless scheme sucking up more money whilst Labour fight behind the scenes about whether it is more embarrasing to let it limp on until after the election, or whether to cut it dead now and lose face. As soon as it became clear that this dreadful project was not going to be compulsory (hooray!), it was obvious that it would fail. Their is no appetite for ID cards in the UK, and this Governments desire to curb our civil lberties over and over had chewed another pill to big and bitter to swallow. Please can we stop wasting yet more cash on this doomed white elephant!

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