Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Infamy, Infamy........

...they've all got it in for me! Astonishing news today from Westminster as former Cabinet Ministers Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt call for a secret ballot to decide on Gordon Brown's future. Will it happen? Early signs are that it probably won't, although the hush from several big hitters is surprising. So far only Alan Johnson seems to have given full support to the PM. This is a bizzare early twist to a General Election campaign that is already unofficially in full swing. Frankly it looks clumsy and remarkably stupid from a Labour point of view. Under these circumstances you have to say that again we have a Government not governing, but turning in on itself. We cannot afford that at the best of times, but certainly not now. Time for a General Election? Well, if Labour cannot keep its house in order then the answer is yes. The economic recovery is so fragile that this sort of uncertainty could be very damaging. Gordon is fast running out of time here, and an Election may be the only way for the country to move on, whatever the outcome, and forge a more sustainable drive out of recession.

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