Sunday, 3 January 2010

Still Waiting

Well, David Cameron has launched his General Election campaign by telling us? Well, not much. It looks like his 'age of austerity' has been elbowed aside, as it risked telling voters a little too much about how savage the cuts will be if the Tories win power. So we had 'optimism' cautiously inserted in it's place. The trouble is, that is all we have really been given. We will have a General Election in the next few months, but over 4 years after he took over, we still don't know what Cameron would ACTUALLY DO. I assume that he knows but just can't bring himself to spill the beans as they are unpaletable. The Lib Dems have given strong positive policies for the public to inspect and decide on for a long time. We are not afraid to be judged on our values and policies. With the discredited MP standing down this time, people will get a change, and have the chance to vote Lib Dem knowing what we stand for politically, and that I have pledged to be utterly open and transparent about expenses, and crucially, what I actually do in the constituency and in Parliamnent. If you check the record of the current MP at you wil find out that in his case it has been 'not a lot' lately...........

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