Monday, 23 November 2009

Bus Services

Surrey County Council have begun a consultation on the future of bus services in the County. The first place under review is the area including Spelthorne. After an initial look at the proposals, bus services in the borough will be very hard hit. The bus service is a vital lifeline for the elderly and vulnerable who have no alternative mode of transport. They rely on them to reach doctors, shops, libraries and many other essential services. To see that a service serving Ashford hospital is under threat is astonishing. Many of the other proposed cuts seem to hit Spelthorne hard. It is true that the subsidy paid by the County Council is a significant slice of the available resources. These buses are though, for many, a lifeline. Go to to find out more, and to have your say. Your local Lib Dem councillors and campaigners would like to hear from you to. Please get in touch with your views. Email me at or your local contact (see ).

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