Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Queens Speech

Or, The Battles Labour Wants To Fight, as it could be called. Gordon Brown was laying some ugly bear traps for David Cameron, only it looks like he forgot to even cover them in grass and leaves, they are so obvious. Most of the legislation laid out today will be laid out again in a black suit when Parliament is dissolved, as most of these bills will end up 'dead' as it is succinctly known. There is very little actual Parliamentary time left before the General Election has to be called. So we will have just have to live with the tired Labour Governement shouting "You don't have any policies except savage cuts" at the Tories, whilst they respond with "You're tired, out of ideas and wrecked the world economy single handed". We get a bit more to actually chew on in the pre budget report shortly, but until then it's the punch and judy politics that David Cameron hates so much.......

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