Saturday, 20 February 2010

So Much Development

I spent most of this morning checking out the state of play on current and future development in Spelthorne. The new Benwell building is an imposing piece of over development. I can see why it has upset so many residents. I went down to London Irish and Hazelwood too, which as I have been saying since September on this blog, is far too much development for the areas proposed. Even with the changes, there are too many units and ar ethe carrots on offer realistic? I suspect not. Too much open space will be lost to these plans. I also spent time at the Charlton waste site, which is the proposed home of a new Eco Park. The technology of this is sound, but is this the right site? British Airways are looking to do something similar to produce bio fuels for their city of London airport fleet. Have Surrey discussed the option of sharing the facility they plan to build in Kent? If not why not? Anyway, to see the constant pressure that development puts on Spelthorne is painful, but with the Tory Borough Council allowing so many of these things through, it is set to continue.

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