Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Why Did No One Speak Out?

The tales of misery that have been told to the inquiry into Mid Staffs NHS Trust beggar belief. Patients have been humiliated, uncared for, left hungry and in enormous pain. This is one of the worst scandals to hit the NHS in its history. Yet, why did no one speak out. How did inspectors miss what was going on? I certainly can't understand why consultants, who would have seen exactly how things were, just carried on doing their rounds and then left to carry on their private work without once raising the alarm. Their must be a public inquiry to give the families the whole truth. For the Health Secretary to deny one would be another scandal.

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Anonymous said...

It now also appears that NOT ONE PERSON has been brought to book for this catastrophy of deaths in the hundreds in the care of our Health Service. Our press carefully reports every death of a soldier in Afghanistan, what of the poor "ordinary folk" who died here over many years, we did not hear of any until now.