Sunday, 21 March 2010

Anti Social

Talking to people yesterday in Halliford, one of the things that came up time and again was anti social behaviour and low level crime. By low level, I mean things like graffiti, damage to property and things like that. It is this sort of activity that really gets to people and causes untold strain and worry. The problem is, the police simply do not put the resources into it that they should. Their press releases pay lip service to dealing with the problem, but local folk say quite clearly that they feel let down. On the other side of things, young people are not all going around causing trouble, and those that are have too often been let down. Spelthorne has seen it's youth service from the County Council cut, and that has a real impact on this issue. Last week, Lib Dem conference passed a youth policy that is full of support for young people, to give them the opportunity to make a positive impact where they live rather than a negative one. If we don't have the tools to help young people, we shouldn't be surprised if they get bored and and get into bad habits. Let's give our youth something better to do, but impress on the police we expect them to act if they cause trouble.

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