Monday, 8 March 2010

Obama's Healthcare Fight

President Obama is fighting hard in the US to improve healthcare for the millions of Americans who cannot get any sort of proper treatment. He faces a huge challenge from the Republican right who are vitriolically opposing the move. One of the tricks they have used is to wheel out Tory politicians from over here to say how awful our NHS is. On Saturday the Guardian reported the Young Britons' Foundation, which described the NHS as the 'biggest waste of money in the UK' has trained Tory party parliamentary candidates. Sadly, for all David Cameron's bluster about the NHS being his top priority, many in his party clearly still believe that the NHS is undesirable, and would happily organise its demise. The NHS is not perfect - in fact it needs an overhaul. Certainly there needs to be much more local control, and money invested in treatment rather than quangos. But it is a vital part of our welfare state. Lib Dem policies would help rejuvenate the NHS. Too many Tories are stuck in the 19th century and would scrap it.

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