Saturday, 13 March 2010

Paddy And Shirley Storm The Stage

I'm sat here at the Lib Dem conference in Birmingham at lunchtime on saturday, and what a whirlwind it has been so far. I have managed to collar a few of our key campaigners and MPs for some advice on the key issues in Spelthorne. Their insight and knowledge has been invaluable, and I can come back with useful tips on how to help local people with the things that they have told me matter to them. I also went to the opening rally last night. We had some brilliant speakers, including Paddy Ashdown, who has not addressed the main conference hall since standing down as leader over a decade ago. To say he is still on form is an understatement. He articulated the great challenges facing our country, and world, with passion and insight. He spoke about the economic future, democracy, fair society and environment in a way that brought all the great issues of our age into sharp focus. Shirley Williams also spoke, and reminded us all how our party are needed more than ever as the party of social justice and fairness. Labour have failed and the Tories have always looked after their own. We have a vital role in this election, and these two venerable members of our party urged us to go out and meet the challenges that people face across the UK, and deliver a fairer, greener, more just society for all. I am, as ever, committed to doing all I can to deliver that for Spelthorne.

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