Thursday, 15 April 2010

Clegg Wins First Debate

Television and electoral history in the UK was made tonight as we finally got a leaders debate, with two more to come. The general wisdom was that Nick Clegg had the most to gain, and David Cameron the most to lose. And so it proved. Nick started slowly in my opinion with his opening statement, and that whole section was a little stilted for the three men. Once they all got into their stride, it warmed up nicely. Gordon Brown really needs to stop using a crowbar to get his rehearsed gags in as it looks horribly unnatural. Cameron and Clegg both did a better job of getting their theme across. Some signs of the rehearsals of all of them were evident in parts, and those rough edges should wear off in the next two debates. But tonight belonged to Nick. He grew in confidence, answered the questions most directly, and was able to distance himself from the covert overtures of Cameron, and the rather gushing wooing from Brown. There are still two more debates to go, and the trick is going to be how Nick evolves his style and message, as the other two will be ready if it's more of the same. Meantime, the rest of us can get back to talking to local voters and listening to what they want in Spelthorne.

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