Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Show Me The Money

I was astonished by the Tory manifesto launch today, and by the content. I'll move swiftly beyond the comparison between an old power station that generates no power and a Tory party....you get the idea. What was bizarre was that they have remarkably little on the economy, and no clear idea of how they are going to pay for their promises. There's precious little on the debt our country has been saddled with by Labour, and ducks the issue of spending cuts and taxes. Surely they don't believe the public think that the fantasy land where everything will be OK in the end is real? I am optimistic about our future, but I think it is right to be honest about the tough journey we will have to take to get to a better future. The Tories think they can win an election without being straight with the British people. I don't believe the British people will take that idea very well at all.

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