Thursday, 8 April 2010

Washed Up

The process of sorting out what legislation will still be passed after an election is called is called the 'wash up'. Basically the parties horse trade to agree what can and cannot get through. Despite claims from Labour and the Tories that they want to clean up and reform politics, they have chucked out some of the straightforward reforms that were due to be debated.
The Lib Dems said the two main parties had been in cahoots to dilute proposed reform of the House of Lords. Measures permitting peers to resign or be expelled and the repeal of restrictions on demonstrations outside Parliament were dropped, in addition to commitments to hold a referendum on the voting system and to phase out the remaining hereditary peers. Our retiring Justice spokesman David Howarth, who I campaigned alongside in 2005, said "The process of 'wash-up' is now washed up. The way in which the two front benches of the larger parties colluded and then got it wrong and ended up with this disaster is something they need to reflect on." Once more, after blocking Lib Dem attempts at many reforms from banning lobbying to making expenses transparent, we can see that the two old parties want to keep the cosy system and have no commitment to reform. Lib Dems will clean up our political system, and only us.

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