Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Dear Mr Chapman

One of the things that is characterising this election is the electronic communication that candidates are getting. Pressure groups, campaigns, and charities are all geared up with online pledges and commitments they want candidates to make. They also invite their supporters to send an email via their website, and it routes the message by postcode to all the candidates they have details of. I can tell you that the amount that come through every day is staggering. Everything from Macmillan Cancer Care to CAMRA have set up this system, and it is a fascinating insight into what matters to people in Spelthorne. I am trying to reply to them all. I don't want to set up stock replies for recurring issues, so I have been emailing people individually. And yes it really is me sending them in person. At the time of writing this I have just over 100 outstanding emails. I hope you'll understand that as it's gone 11pm I won't get them all done tonight. Better get on with it then!

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