Thursday, 15 April 2010

Radio Shortwood

I'm glad BBC Radio Surrey are still following the save Shortwood Infant School campaign. They played clips from all 3 main candidates and spoke to one of the organisers of the campaign, which highlights that this has captured the imagination of the press, just like it has driven local people to act to save their much loved school. They edited what I said about the school itself and concentrated on the policy statement, but the message came across that I think this school must be saved. The commentary was about the politics and how that comes into these things at election time. It's great that they have that political support, but it's worth remembering that ultimately it is the drive, commitment and determination of local people, parents, staff and governors that has made this campaign such a high profile, positive call to keep the school open. They are amazing. I hope that the council now make the right decision and keep it open. Save Shortwood!

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