Thursday, 22 April 2010

Ding Ding Round Two

So, the second debate has finished, and the spinmeisters are all talking up their man. Of the polls I have seen so far, 3 have given the verdict to Nick Clegg and one to Cameron. It was a closer affair tonight, but despite the backlash from some newspapers today, and the changed tactics of the other two leaders, Nick made his case again, based on policy and substance. It was an excellent performance, especially considering how much higher the stakes and the expectations. The polls over the next few days will give us more of a flavour of whether anything has changed after tonight, but I think the big change has already happened - people believe the Lib Dems can win. Now that the other two have failed to land a big blow on Nick tonight, I think that's how it will stay. We have a real chance across the UK now, and a real chance in Spelthorne.

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Richard Jones said...

The last few elections I was so dismayed I didn't even summon the engery to cast my vote. I'm so pleased the nation is finally waking up to the fact both Labour and Conservatives have added little to the landscape and now we're in with a chance of electing a fresh approach.