Monday, 19 April 2010

Subjected To Scrutiny

All day I have heard quotes from Labour and Tory politicians and spin doctors. It's the same in the Daily Mail and Telegraph. "Now the voters will be subjecting the Lib Dem manifesto to much more scrutiny...." I don't know whether to laugh or just be bemused. They all make it sound like somehow we have written a manifesto that we hoped no-one would look at. That it contains terrible secrets that mortal man could not comprehend. What it really contains are a comprehensive set of policies that have been well considered and fully costed. They are a blueprint for a fairer and free society. We detail how we would start to tackle the deficit, with a clarity the old parties have avoided. We have told the truth about where we would cut spending. We've set out what we believe we should invest more resources in, like smaller class sizes, and a tax cut for working families, paid for by the better off. We have set out proposals to reform our rotten politics for good. These are things we believe will change Britain for the better, and we are enormously proud of them. So, please, feel free to conduct the scrutiny that the other parties think you should:

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sirjohng said...

I want to know why 33% of the vote for the blues and reds equals around 260 seats apiece whilst the same for the yellows only gives 125 seats. I know our democracy is shaky but this proves that it is not working.